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Articulation 6-10-03
June 11, 2003
Hi ~


I can't really take credit for the art for this week's happened quite outside of my own doing. Check it's called Something With Pages.

To view Something With Pages, click here!
If the above doesn't work, you can cut and paste this URL in your browser:

Artella News!

1. e-Artella issue #e-2 is for sale! If you are an Artella subscriber or a contributor to e-Artella issue #e-2, you should have already received the download instructions for this issue. If you don't fit one of those categories, you can STILL enjoy this diverse issue of e-Artella for
only $4.95. You'll get 48 pages of colorful, inspiring art and writing by 22 artists and writers, plus ...
* An article about creative journaling
* A how-to article on image transfers
* An article about forming creative support systems
* An exhibition of quilt artist Mary Holdgrafer
* An exclusive interview with writer Jennifer Louden

To view the enticing Table of Contents of this issue, or to download it for only $4.95, visit our brand new Individual Issues page.

While you're there, you can also still purchase copies of the print issue of Artella 2. But hurry, they are selling out fast! (yay!) Click here to read raves for Artella 2!

2. Join the brand new Artella communities! I am very excited to announce two new Artella community groups that you can join. These groups will be powered by Yahoo! group technology, whereby we will be able to communicate as a group via email. It is my hope that these groups will be the basis for strong and inspiring communal friendship and support.

You can read more about the groups on the new Artella Communities page, or go ahead and join either or both groups using the email links that follow the description of each group, below:

ArtellaVision is an inspiring community of individuals who support one another in leading creative lives and following their bliss. The community of people who have participated in various Artella endeavors has a magical energy, and this new discussion group will allow creative individuals to come together to support one another with joy and enthusiasm.

To join ArtellaVision, send a blank email to

EvocativeWords is an email discussion group for writers of all walks and pathways who want to come home to their creative voice and experience fascinating new surges of power, resonance, and fiery spirit in their writing.

This group will be moderated by my dear friend and treasured creative partner, Marta Luzim. Marta is a healing and creative arts practitioner who loves the juicy writing life and can't wait to connect with souls who are ready to challenge themselves and their relationships with writing and words. To join, send a blank email to

3. Web site updates! Today marks the 30th Articulation art offering, and the archives are completely up-to-date on the Archives page.

The Artful links archives from all previous Articulation newsletters are also completely updated. You can browse through them on the Artful Links page.

Artful Links!

Speaking of Artful Links, here's one for you! I received Issue #5 of Art Erratica Zine this week, and I've never been as excited about an art zine as I am about this one! This latest issue is called "Theatrica Erratica", and it is in full color and comes with an interactive CD-ROM that has truly enchanted me. Visit the 3 Queen Productions Web site for information about purchasing this issue, ordering subscriptions or back issues. It has an A+ endorsement from Artella!

Sending you a still life, where you least expect it.

~playing with petals,

Artella Editor

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