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Articulation 5/13/04...Riding Through Rejection
May 13, 2004
Hi ~

Hope you are having a good week, and welcome to the latest edition of Articulation.

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In discussing the topic of rejection this week, I'm approaching it from two angles -- the experience of getting rejected, and the experience of doing the rejecting.

Getting rejected is never fun, and there seems to be no way around the fact that creative people must subject themselves to rejection regularly. Whether rejections comes professionally, when a submission is not accepted, or personally, when we feel like we just don't fit in, rejection is not exactly one of the "perks" of our chosen path.

I'll pass along something I heard a while back. Here's the anecdote: a salesperson works on commission, and gets $100 for every sale. Her average pattern is that one in every 50 attempts result in a sale, so she has to go through 49 rejections for each sale.

Guess what that comes down to? With every rejection, she makes $2.00.

While this pertains specifically to selling, can you think of ways that you can work it in to reaching for your own dreams? Say you're sending out queries to get a book published, looking for a modest five-thousand dollar advance from a publisher, even if you have to send out 100 queries before you get published, that still means you are earning fifty dollars every single time you get a rejection!

But the problem is, people don't usually send out 100 queries, or anywhere in the vicinity. They send out 12 letters, get back 12 rejections, and then give up.

Yes, it's a simplistic view and in some applications, you need to stretch the analogy, but it does put an entirely different spin on the whole "rejection" endeavor, doesn't it? You can tell yourself that with each rejection you are getting that much closer to your final acceptance. It is said that Edison tried more than 10,000 times to perfect the light bulb. When asked how he was able to persist during that time in the face of constant failure, Edison replied, "I didn't fail. I just discovered another way not to invent the electric light bulb."

And why SHOULDN'T you keep reaching further and further with each rejection? This week, Artella members are enjoying a Members-Only audio lecture by Karen Jones of In her down-to-earth, heart-to-heart style, Karen asks us, "If not you, who?" She speaks of her own experience with getting a publishing deal (sending out 12 queries, in fact) for her book to be released this Fall. She explains that if you send out a proposal, in object terms, you have a 50/50 chance of either getting accepted or rejected. Everyone talks about how hard it is to get published, but looking at it that way, those are pretty good odds!

In addition to a fear of being rejected by others, we also carry with us some pretty heavy baggage about rejecting things, ourselves. What are you rejecting? Are you rejecting change? Risks? Opportunities? Compliments? Out-of-the-box suggestions?

About two years ago, I had a total knee replacement on my right knee. Recovering from the surgery was an arduous, multi-dimensional process, tossing lessons at me left and right. There is one part of the recovery path that I will never forget. For three months following surgery, I had to take anti-rejection medication every day, and have my blood checked every week to make sure that the dosage of the medicine was behaving correctly in the context of my chemistries. It's quite fascinating to think the body -- which, of course, is full of metaphors -- needed this very rigorous, disciplined procedure in order to keep it from rejecting my new stainless steel knee. The body is so intent on rejecting CHANGE, that the rejection must be aggressively fought in order to counteract the resistance.

And so it is with us, I think. When we are faced with new ideas, new changes, new opportunities, new people, and new ideas, we have to work against our natural impulse to reject them. We can't take a pill for's only something that can be fought with personal guts, perseverance, and grace.

The next time you find yourself on EITHER side of the rejection wave, take some action to help yourself ride it out. Don't be afraid to take that risk to get some outside help. Allow the embrace of a friend. Write in your journal. Read a book or take a course on self-empowerment (look at the Artful Links section below to see a free offer for Articulation readers from Coach Alicia Forest.)

Riding the wave is tough, but there is an unparalleled thrill in dancing upon the blue sea of living.

  • If you could turn "rejections" into a game...where each one only pushed us to reach further and further for what we want, how would your life look different?
  • What are you rejecting, that is taking away energy from living your most joyous life?
  • Think of how different people in your life handle rejection. What have you learned from watching them?
  • When someone offers you suggestions to a problem, how do you tend to hear the suggestions? Is there anything you'd like to change about that?


Maybe it's just because I spent so much time working on the most recent print issue of Artella, the theme of which was "The Elements", or maybe it's because we've had some really strange weather the past week...but I have been watching the wind and thinking about what it means to have an external force moving, brushing, pushing, sweeping things around. This week's art-splash is called WindSome.

This is the link to view WindSome.

If the above link doesn't work, copy and paste this into your browser:


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When working in an art journal, altered book, or even on a single piece of watercolor paper, think about the ways that you can finish the piece with a creative edge on the page. Try ripping, attaching tags, folding page edges, making pockets that extend beyond the original page, punching designs, stitching the edge with a needle and thread or sewing machine, cover the edge with metallic paint, adding beads or fringe, or cutting a "see-through" hole to peak at what's coming next. Creative edges serve as unique "framing" for your composition!


Colors, like nature, are naturally poetic and lend themselves to deep writing. Use colors as the subject of practice writing prompts, or concentrate on adding more colors to the project you're working on. Use colors metaphorically ("she was hesitantly forgiving as lavender") just for fun. Play with renaming colors to give them a fresh and original name (violet might become "luxxymoor"; yellow could be "scentude"). If a character you're writing about could only see one color, which would it be? Write about that world.


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Sending you a gust of wind that gently sets you down right where you need to be...

~stirring the sky,

Artella Founder/Editor

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