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Special Announcements from Artella!
April 02, 2004
Hi ~

First things first: It's come to my attention that AOL members did not receive Tuesday's Articulation. I've uploaded it so that you can read my mini-article about April Fool's Day, enjoy the week's artwork, and read the rest of the announcements. You can see it at

We are sending you this special message during our Spring Wings Thank You Campaign with 4 SuperBig Announcements:

1. New FREE Contest - "Artella Spreads Her Wings"!
As you know, if you have visited our new website, Artella has had her splashy makeover, top to bottom. Well, the changes are going to continue, only now YOU get to decide what you want to see next in the Wonderful World of Artella. Here's how it works:

a. Take a few moments and send us a quick email (just replying to this email is fine) with one or more of your ideas on things we can improve or add to Artella to make her the Internet's most amazing, bodacious, juicy, creative, one-of-a-kind playground for creative people and those who love them! We want any idea you have, no matter how bold or crazy it may be!

b. Send your ideas to us no later than noontime tomorrow, Saturday, April 3, 2004. Please write "Artella Spreads Her Wings" in the Subject line and include your name somewhere in the body of the email so we can credit you when we announce the winners.

c. We will read all entries, whittle them down to the top 10 cool ideas, and then ask YOU to vote on your favorites later this weekend, with the top 3 winning ideas getting all the great prizes listed below. Winners will then be announced in this Tuesday's Articulation!

d. The contest is open to anyone, at not cost at all. So just hit reply or email me directly at with as many ideas as you want to enter, each on a different line in the email.

e. Prizes:

  • 3rd Place Will Receive:
    - 1 Month Free Artella Membership

    - Free $5 Entry into Artella's Poetry Idol contest (Deadline for poetry submission April 8)

    - Any one e-artella issue

  • 2nd Place will receive:

    - Everything that 3rd Place receives

    - Your Choice of "Accounting Your Blessings" or Writes and Passages" e-courses

  • 1st Place will receive:

    Everything that 2nd Place receives

    - A brand new copy of the highly-acclaimed book, Holy Moly Mackeroly by Gloria Page

    - The Artella e-Book, "Those Who CAN, Teach: Uncovering the Workshops Inside of You"

    - 1 hand-picked deluxe Artella Spring Collage Collection, snail-mailed to you for your artful pleasure!

    Remember to send your ideas in by tomorrow, Saturday April 3 at 12:00 noon.

    Good luck to all of you!

2. Non-subscribers - Read this!
If you are not an Artella subscriber, it's time for you to finally see what Artella is all about, up close and personal, in your own hands. Our goal is to make sure that we don't leave ANY readers behind! So we've made it simple and sweet:
  • You can receive 1 single issue of Artella 6, The Elements: Ancient to Infinite, for only $10, saving 33% off the regular price of $15.


  • If you share Artella with a friend by ordering TWO copies of Artella 6, you'll get them BOTH for $15!* We'll even enclose a gift card for you to attach!

    Yes, that's buy one, get one free!

    We're really excited about this special because it makes it easy for anyone to experience what will be our very best issue to date, AND it allows you to share the gift of words and art with a friend.

    *The following conditions apply:
    -For orders of 2 issues, both issues will be mailed to the same address.
    -You must create a cozy place where you can snuggle up with a warm beverage while you relax and allow Artella's Muse to fragrantly come out to play! :-)

    To order, refer to the "Cheat Sheet" link below!

3. Thinking of Subscribing? - Read This!
If you are thinking about subscribing to Artella, the Springs Wings Special has something for you, too! There has never, ever been a better time to subscribe. Not only will you be entitled to our other great subscriber benefits and specials like the one offered below, but you will also receive, at no extra cost, our amazing Spring Wings Bonus Pack, jam-packed with free resources that will make this your most inspiring Spring, ever!

Spring Wings is our most exciting free bonus pack ever, so go to the website, click on the Artella gal icon on the left of your screen and you will be instructed from there!

(Or refer to the "Cheat Sheet" link below!)

4. Subscribers - Read This!

We really have some exciting thank-you specials for Artella subscribers, called our GlitterWings Subscriber Specials, which expire Saturday, April 3, at midnight.

The GlitterWings specials include major discounts on Goalar Energy and Create Your Own YOUniversity e-courses, and a gift certificate in The Shoppes of Artella!

We have already sent subscribers an email with instructions and your special password for getting these great discounts. If you have not received the email, please let me know right away.

The Spring Wings Summary "Cheat Sheet":
...just follow the links below:

- Non-subscribers, go order Artella 6 for $10, or take 2 for $15, at!

- Subscribers: check your email for the order instructions for your to request the order instructions!

-New subscribers, subscribe now to claim your free Spring Wings Bonus Pack, in addition to other subscriber gifts, at!

If you haven't already, be sure to visit our new Online Playground at There's tons of free fun and opportunities in every link!

As always, I appreciate your support as Artella grows and glows. I'll see you next Tuesday with the regularly scheduled Articulation!

~Spring hugs and butterflies,

Artella Founder/Editor

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