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Articulation 4/15/04...Artella's Pax Week!
April 15, 2004
Hi ~

Well, another exciting week at ArtellaLand!

In this issue of Articulation we announce the winners of 2 contests: Artella's Free Weekly Poetry Contest AND the Artella Spreads Her Wings Idea Contest. We're also announcing Artella Pax Week, our li'l effort to spread some sunshine this week...keep reading for details.

Don't you love it when typos are meaningful?

One that I make frequently (and I've done it in this newsletter, as some of you know) is that when I want to write "purchase", I keep writing "purpose" instead. This leads to all kinds of funny stuff: "...the free gift that we'll give you when we send your purpose", or "I am writing to follow up on your purpose", or "make your purpose today!" I have no idea why I always put "purpose" in instead, maybe I'm just more aligned with encouraging purposes rather than purchases. :-)

At any rate, when I was doing the layout for Artella 6, The Elements: Ancient to Infinite (which is being printed as we speak, yay!) there was a great typo in the brilliant prose essay, "Dance Around the Fire", written by Gloria Page. Instead of saying "you can create a huge splash", it said "you can create a hug splash"! Well, I haven't been able to stop thinking about hugsplashes since then. So that's the title of this week's Articulation, and Gloria, I dedicate it to you!

Here's the link to view Hugsplash.

If the above link doesn't work, you can copy this link and paste it into your browser:

***Speaking of Gloria, she is this week's featured guest lecture in the series of Artella Members-Only audio lectures. She gives a wonderfully inspiring reading from her book, Holy Moly Mackeroly that will definitely make you think, feel, and smile. You can hear great Members-Only audio lectures every week by trying out an Artella membership for just $3.00.

Artella Pax Week
Here in the States, this week is known as "tax week" because April 15 is the date that income tax files and payments are due. It can be a stressful time, and I've really been wanting to do something to spread the spirit of abundance and goodwill throughout our lively, ever-growing Artella community. So we came up with the idea to present an annual "Artella Pax Week", to run from April 15 to April 22 every year, starting right now, in 2004. ("Pax" means "peace" in Latin.)

Here's how it works: if you make any Artella purpose...I mean purchase :-) from now until April 22, including items already on sale, we'll give you another of the same item that you can share with someone else for free.

So if you buy a single issue of Artella, we'll throw in another one for your friend. Buy an Artella magazine subscription or become an Artella Member, and you'll get to give a subscription or membership to a friend. Enroll in any e-course and invite a friend to take the same e-course at no charge.

The only exception to the "2 for 1" rule is purchases made in The Shoppes of Artella, but Pax Week includes a special arrangement for the Shoppes. For Pax Week, we'll forgo our regular commission and give the entire selling price to the artist. So this is the perfect week to support our artists by selecting from close to 300 unique handmade products created by our fascinating community of artists.

Until midnight on April 22, upon confirming your order you'll be given instructions on how to "share the wealth" with your friend. I hope you have as much fun with this as I am having, just thinking about it! Peace and blessings to you all...your presence in this artful circle means the world to me!

Shoppes' Corner
Our featured writer this week is Ellen Mogensen, whose unique eBooks on holistic healing, spirituality, and past life explorations have helped many people lead more integrated lives in the areas of prosperity, career, love, and happiness. Be sure to take a look!

We've got great sales going on in the Jewelry, Home Decor, Fashion & Accessories, and Cards-Stationery-Gift shoppes! Go window shopping on the shoppe home page and click on the shoppes with "sale" signs in the windows, or visit our Specials page for a list of all our current sales.

I'd also like to mention that I was so lucky to be the recipient of one of Terri Urban's amazing framed prints (she calls them "bone sighs"), and it has truly graced my office and my spirit with indescribable magic. For a very reasonable price, the quality of Terri's work and the sheer inspiration of her poetry is amazing. Go take a look at her page – I bet there just might be one or more of her bone sighs that will sing out to claim YOU as its new owner.

Artella News!
1. Our Newest Poetry Winners! winners of the Second Weekly Poetry contest are:
  • 4th Place - Nikki Conleay, author of "Dances on the Wind", wins a 1 month Artella Membership!
  • 3rd Place - Makini Raziya Slaughter, author of "Reminiscent Muse", wins the above PLUS the Artella eBook, ExerSIGHS: A Self-Esteem Workout for Writers and Artists!
  • 2nd Place - Richard Hammer, author of "Peace Now", wins all of the above PLUS The Artella eBook, Those Who CAN, Teach!: Uncovering the Workshops Inside of You, and guaranteed publication in an e-Artella issue!
  • 1st Place - Marilyn Hansen, author of "Fire Flute", wins all of the above PLUS featured listing on our upcoming poet's page (to be joining last week's 1st place winner, Sukey Reid), and a brand new copy of the Inner Outings Diarist's Deck!
What a fantastic turnout! And don't despair, we may still contact you for including your poem in a future issue of Artella or e-Artella! There were so many wonderful poems, I know the coming weeks and months are going to be a lot of fun. The next deadline is coming up Friday (tomorrow) at midnight. Details are here.Within the next few weeks, we will also be posting the poems of all winning entries and let you know where to go on the site to check them out!

2. More Winners! Speaking of great turnouts, at last count, 241 of you voted in the "Artella Spreads Her Wings" ideas contest! Your amazing participation made the results really speak to us and you will be seeing many of the ideas, and ALL of the finalist ideas in Artella these coming weeks. Here are our winners, whose ideas were voted as the most popular by members of the Artella community:
  • 3rd Place - Andrea Skopp and Jeanie Croppe, both of whom suggested a section that focuses on the ways art can be used for healing, recovery, and spirituality, both win a 1 month Artella Membership, a free $5 Entry into Artella's Poetry Idol contest, and any one e-artella issue!
  • 2nd Place - Melissa Chapin, who suggested an "artist's village"section on the Web site with interviews and "studio visits", wins all of the above PLUS her choice of either the "Accounting Your Blessings" or "Writes and Passages" e-courses!
  • 1st Place - Vicci Henderson, who suggested more how-to features on the site and in Articulation, wins both the 3rd and 2nd place awards PLUS a brand new copy of the book, Holy Moly Mackeroly by Gloria Page, the Artella e-Book, "Those Who CAN, Teach: Uncovering the Workshops Inside of You", and 1 hand-picked deluxe Artella Spring Collage Collection!
Congratulations, winners! We will email you with details about claiming your winnings! (And for the record, how much fun am I HAVING with all these contests? Tons! Wahoo!)

I'm sure you can tell that we are in the midst of a lot of exciting changes in The Wonderful World of Artella. It's wonderful to have your inspiring input as we move forward! Thanks to all who entered the contest, and who voted! If you voted but have not received your free one-month membership as a thank-you, be sure to write me and let me know, and we'll take care of it.

3. You can still join YOU * U! "Create Your Own YOUniversity" (aka YOU * U) starts on this Monday, April 19, and it still has a few spaces left. This is the LAST time this course will be offered until the Fall, so if you have a book, course, or workshop inside you, or have been thinking about taking the course, this session of YOU* U just may be the catalyst you need to take that next step in your life and livelihood.

In this 4-week course, I teach you everything you need to know to create successful e-Education products, guiding you step-by-step, sharing with you exactly how I have done it myself. The course balances the creative instruction that is needed to produce terrific content with the computer and step by step technical know-how to make it happen! Best of all, you and your fellow students form a tight-knit community that serves as a virtual incubator, bringing your ideas to life. If you would like more information, visit the workshops page and click "Create Your Own YOUniversity" at the top of the page, or send me an email so that I may answer your questions or hook you up with current participants who can speak to their personal experience. I'd love to help you bring your eProducts to life!

4.Artella Mae is waiting for you! If you haven’t downloaded your free 56-page eBook, "Artella Mae’s Altered Ancestors: 50 Techniques to Use Vintage Photos in Art", be sure to pick it up at and follow the directions to get your copy. (IMPORTANT: Current Articulation subscribers need only fill out the BOTTOM box and then click "Get the eBook" to proceed to download it.)

Please help us spread the word by sending the above link to anyone you know who would enjoy this gift, compliments of Artella! And invite them to celebrate Pax Week with us, too!

Artful Links!
1. is a mecca of resources for visual artists. I've dipped around in the site a bit and was very, very impressed and energized at the resources that are all centralized in one place. Thanks to Jolene Elliott for telling me about this link!

2. Speaking of inspiring resources, you wordsmiths out there will have a fun time with the Online Visual Thesaurus. To try it out, type a word in the box on the upper left corner, click "look it up", and then start clicking. Have fun!

Happy Pax Week, everyone!

~abunDANCING all night,Marney

Artella Founder/Editor

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