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Articulation newsletter, 3-30-04
March 30, 2004
Hi ~

Happy early April Fool's Day!

Fools, Not Rules: a mini-article
Far beyond the traditions of playing practical jokes, I do think there's something fun about having a holiday designated for foolishness, don't you? Through the various Artella communities and e-courses, I've had the privilege of working with hundreds of creative people and one of the most common blocks that I come across is when people are afraid to look like fools. Afraid to take that risk, go out on that limb, and face the reality of what it means to stand up and be who they really are.

So many of society's rules make us so desperately afraid of making mistakes or being criticized or misunderstood that many genius imaginations sit still and do nothing. If this is something that you recognize in yourself, I invite you to spend a bit of time tomorrow musing over what would happen if we could forget the rules...and just BE fools!

It's just a fact that life is messy, quirky, colorful, offbeat, abstract, mismatched, irreverent, imperfect, and ridiculously unexpected. When you think about it, the archetype of the Fool is more congruent with the essence of life than the archetype of the Modern Success Story. Why not embrace that Inner Fool and see what he or she is really made of? How foolish can you GET!

April 1st has another special meaning to me – it's the anniversary of the day that I first met my favorite Fool of all, my husband Tony. The Articulation for this week, Reincarimagination, is inspired by fools in love, everywhere.

To view Reincarimagination, click here!

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The Shoppes' Corner!

This week, our featured artist is Kathy Welsh. From elegant to whimsical, spiritual to spirited, her jewelry is a delight to behold. Check out her work...amazing artistic quality at great prices!

This week, the following items are on sale:

  • For those of you who saw Melissa Chapin's wonderful semiprecious and sterling jewelry featured 2 weeks ago and were dreaming of owning one of her delicious pieces, here is the perfect chance--a Spring sale on all of her divine creations! $20-40 off necklaces and sets, $5 of your first pair of earrings and $10 off all subsequent pairs. Plus...all shipped in exquisite gift packaging for free upon request.
  • Save 40% off Dave Powell's inspiring hypnosis CD set, "Explosive Creativity: Connecting to the Infinite Idea Hypnosis"!
  • Tammy Vitale's has some brand new gorgeous Butterfly Tiles, Horse Tiles, and a Personalized Message Dragon, and they are all on sale!
  • Save $10 off Deb Silva's Bon Voyage Composition Book!
  • Pick up on great savings on Donna Cartagena's Collage Pendant Necklaces and Embellished Fabric Purse!
  • Save $5.00 off Lani Gerity's Puppetmaking 'Zine!

Artella News!

1. Artella 6 is coming! We're finishing up Artella 6 and it's the most rich, savory issue we've produced yet. We're a bit behind, due to my recent health issues and the unveiling of our new site, but we’re working passionately with the commitment of getting it to you in April. Thank you so very much for your patience. Artella is so lucky to have such wonderful subscribers and loyal customers.

2. Spread Your Spring Wings! Spring is finally here, and we're kicking up our heels, big-time. Not only do we have a brand new Online Playland(our Web site has a new look that one reader called "vivacious vintage"), we've also launched the Spring Wings Special!

The goal of the Spring Wings Special is to make sure that we don't leave ANY readers behind! So we've made it simple and sweet:
  • Buy 1 single issue of Artella 6, The Elements: Ancient to Infinite (due out next month), for only $10, saving 33% off the regular price of $15. The lowest price we've ever had for single issues!
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  • Share Artella with a friend by ordering TWO copies of Artella 6, you'll get them BOTH for $15! We'll even enclose a gift card for you to attach! Yes, that's buy one, get one free! Click here!

  • Subscribe for a six-issue subscription and save $20.35 over the cost of individual issues AND receive our Spring Wings Bonus Pack of Succulence!

    How better to celebrate Spring than to dive, imagination-first, into the waltz of words and art?

    Artful Links!

    1. My dear friend Diane Armstrong of is on a crusade to help conquer the Inner Clutter Bug of people everywhere! Earlier this year, I took Diane's teleclass series on clutter and Feng Shui principles and she just made everything "click". I can't thank her enough for her guidance! She's offering her free "Clutter Sucks...Your Energy" teleclass on Friday April 9th from 12 noon – 1 pm ET for anyone who is interested in using Feng Shui to take clutter control to the next level. Register here!

    Wishing you folly and foolishness...

    ~from one foolish heart to another,

    Artella Founder/Editor

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