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Articulation 1-27-04
January 27, 2004
Hi ~


I had planned to send out the new ArticuLiaison Quarterly today, but it turns out that I need a little more time to finish it up. So today will just be a regular, old-fashioned Articulation issue.

This week's Articulation is a brief meditation on courage, called Awake. I hope you enjoy it.

To view Awake, click here!

If the above link doesn't work, simply cut and paste this URL in your browser:

The Shoppes' Corner!

This week, our featured artist is Colette Copeland. Colette's art has a very special feeling to it, with its dynamic and playful sensibility. Check out her paintings, collages, and linocuts!

I'm excited to announce the following current SALES in the Shoppes for great discounts on fashion accessories and more!:
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Artella News!

1. Only 4 copies left of Artella 3! That's right! We have FOUR more copies of Artella 3, passion: art to heart left, and then it will be gone out forever (along with Artella 1 and 2, which are already in sold out.) It's your last chance to order this splashingly divine issue. Click here to see sample pages and order!

2. New Subscription Special! Our latest subscription special includes a special bonus when you subscribe to Artella by midnight on February 1. When you subscribe, you can select TWO back issues of e-Artella to download and enjoy. This bonus gift is a $10 value and an awesomely unending source of inspiration for your Muse. Click here for the details... and remember to subscribe by February 1 to take advantage of the fun!

3. New ArtellaVision home! Our ArtellaVision online community outgrew its original yahoo list and, after a taking a vote by group members, we now have a new message board format, powered by WorldCrossing. We revamped the look and format, and we now have brand new Web site that hosts the message board in its new streamlined, super-organized format: Click here to check it out! (Once you reach the site, just follow the links to join.)

Thanks to Administrative Assistant Deb Silva for setting up the new board!

4. Ask the Editor! Future issues of e-Artella will include a new feature called Ask the Editor, in which I'll answer questions submitted on writing, art, creativity, right livelihood, self-publishing, etc. etc. To submit a question using our online form, click here!

5. Earn Money with New Affiliate Program!Artella has a brand new Affiliate Program where you can earn some extra money simply by spreading the word about Artella's e-courses. You earn a 25% commission on every sale you generate (commissions range from $3-$125, depending on the course.) To learn about how it works, check out the details on the new Affiliates page.

Artful Links

1. www.Life is a sublime resource for living creativity with life's challenges. From articles that share practical advice and inspiration wisdom about living with adversity and trauma, to support forums, creative outlets, and comprehensive resource lists, this is a really special and much-needed site.

2. has a wonderful free FLASH movie called A Knock At the Duir that absolutely made my day!!! Check it out -- you will be inspired, comforted, and enchanted!

Wishing you a natural alarm clock that awakens you, not only in the morning, but moment by moment...


Artella Editor

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