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Articulation 2-18-04
February 18, 2004
Hi ~

With the special editions in the past couple of weeks, it seems like it has been a while since I shared a "regular" Articulation offering of words and art. This week's offering is called Loud Silence. I hope you enjoy it.

To view Loud Silence, click here!

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Time After Time: A Mini-Article

I actually finished this edition of Articulation last night, and I lost the whole thing just as I was about to send it. It was my own fault. I was creating the newsletter directly in my serverís program, rather than typing it out ahead of time. I know better. I guess I thought it would "save time" to do it that way. Hmph.

How often do our "shortcuts" end up backfiring on us? I'm certain my example, of losing computer work, is something that has happened to everyone reading this newsletter. What about not taking the time to back up our files onto CDs? Or not taking the time to install or run anti-virus programs? Not taking time for these things can cost us big-time when disaster strikes.

Moving to more serious topics, what about not taking time to fasten seatbelts, or go to the doctor, or stay in bed when we are sick?

What I realized after losing the Articulation last night is that my efforts to "save time" are not even conscious. It's as if I am so intent on getting as much done as possible, that the so-called "shortcuts" are ingrained in me. Had I given it conscious thought, I certainly would saved my work as I went. But I was so caught up in the hurry of the moment that I didn't think things through.

If you see yourself in what I'm describing, I invite you to join me in bringing greater consciousness to my "time-saving" decisions. After all, time, itself, cannot be lost. In its infinity, there is always more of it. But other things, from computer files to friendships to precious lives, can be lost.

With so many things in life that we cannot control, why not relish what we can control by being present and keeping the big picture in mind when we think about "saving time". While we cannot control what life brings us, we certainly can control what we bring to life!

The Shoppes' Corner!

This week, our featured artist is Jenny Dryw . If you are an Artella reader, Jenny's beautiful work will not be new to you, as both her writing and art have danced in Artella's pages on many occasions! In The Shoppes of Artella, Jenny showcases a diverse collection of paintings that sing of her unique artistic vision. I know you will enjoy them!

Many thanks to all those who participated in the Artella Sweet-stakes by making Shoppe purchases between February 4-14. We gave away prize packages totaling almost $200 to three lucky winners: 1st prize - Karen Louther, 2nd prize - Lisa O'Neil, and 3rd prize - Mary Alice Marcial. Every Sweet-stakes customer also receives a copy of my upcoming eBook, The Complete Idealist's Guide to Working with Digital Images (because there are no complete idiots)!

The Shoppes welcome three new artists this week, and several new products, as well. Go to is the Shoppes home page and click on the stores with the "New Items" signs to see the new stuff!

The following items are on sale:
And speaking of $10, you must check out Deana David's new painted mosaic frames. At only $10 each (including shipping), and with six collections to choose from, you are sure to find your perfect match!

Thank you! I'd like to extend my humble appreciation to Artella's new Web team for their fabulous work in the Shoppes: Barbara Miller, Luke Hintze, and Rebecca Kreutzberg. We are so lucky to have you!

Click here for info about selling your work in The Shoppes of Artella.

Artella News!

1. Next session of Goalar Energy starts March 15! Registration is now open for this life-changing, 30-day course. In the past year, almost 100 people have worked with the Goalar Energy program to approach their goals in a unique, non-linear, self-forgiving way, and they have made tremendous success! Here's Lani Gerity's recommendation:

"I would recommend Goalar Energy to everyone who ever felt the stress of looming projects and that feeling of what to work on next because it's all important and it's all going to crash down around you. It's a terrible feeling, but a thing of the past if you use this Goalar Energy program, I'd say from this place, having been through it twice."

To read more about Goalar Energy, to hear a sample audio lesson, and take a 4-day "test run", go to

2. Brand new free teleworkshop scheduled for March! While you're at the Workshops page, be sure to take a look at the brand new program I'm offering for the free teleworkshop in March, ExerSIGHS: A Self-Esteem Workout for Writers and Artists. Registration is limited to 30 people, so be sure to sign up right away!

3. She captured me! One of the best parts of this whole Artella adventure is getting to know the fabulously talented writers and artists who generously contribute to Artella issues. Violette is an artist whose work has graced our pages, and her equally vibrant friendship has touched my life and the lives of many others in the ArtellaVision group. Her latest contribution is a caricature of me that she creating as the logo for our new "Ask the Editor" feature in e-Artella. Take a look at Violette's fun portrait of me, and be sure to submit a question for me, while you're there!

Thanks, Violette, for such a complimentary rendering! And if anyone is interested in a fabulously spirited caricature, Violette's your woman!

4. Back issues of Artella are going fast! Issues 1, 2, and 3 are already sold out, and issues 4 and 5 are getting there, fast. Be sure to order any Artella back issues that you're missing. Or subscribe to Artella to save $20.85 over the cost of individual issues!

Artful Links!

1. Artist Help Network is a Web site run by Caroll Michels, the author of the classic book, How To Survive and Prosper as an Artist. The network assists artists in locating information, resources, guidance, and advice on a comprehensive range of career-related topics. It's a wonderful resource for fine artists, or anyone who works (or wants to work) in arts-related fields.

2. Crones Unlimited is a press that honors the poetry and prose of extraordinary elders (Wisdom Keepers) who live fully and powerfully. It's founder, Mary Fogarty, seeks to preserve the wisdom of the senior members of our society and facilitate the sharing of their knowledge and insights. A wonderfully inspiring site!

Wishing you quiet moments, loud with meaning,

~Taking my time,

Artella Editor

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