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Artella's New Year Special!
December 29, 2003
Two New Year's announcements from Artella!!

1. If you subscribe to Artella between now and January 1 at midnight, you can enroll in the e-course, "Accounting Your Blessings" at no charge, as a special New Year's gift to you! ($12 value)

2. If you are a current subscriber and you refer a new subscriber by January 1, BOTH you and your friend will receive the complimentary enrollment in "Accounting Your Blessings"! Double the fun, and double the support for changing your life with this powerful course!

To subscribe to Artella before January 1, and take advantage of this special offer, visit

If you refer a new subscriber, be sure to tell them to indicate with their order that YOU are their "little bird". If we get this message by January 1, we'll immediately send your enrollment information about "Accounting Your Blessings".

Inspire your inner Muse and create prosperity in your life in one easy step by giving yourself this very special New Year's gift!

And a very happy New Year to you all!

~creatively yours,
Artella Editor
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