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Articulation 12-2-03
December 02, 2003
Hi ~

No matter what holidays we celebrate or do not celebrate, time seems to accelerate at the end of the year as the calendars seem a little more full and the pace seems a little more frenetic. I'm sharing this week's Articulation, Early December Wish, as my wish for all of us.
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Artella News!

1. Secrets for Busy Women! Join me in supporting bestselling author Jennifer Louden on her special "amazon day" by purchasing her new book, Comfort Secrets for Busy Women (Sourcebooks), tomorrow (Wednesday, December 3) on In return, you'll receive hundreds of dollars worth of free bonuses. Jennifer's books and coaching have both made a huge impact on my creative life, and I can't recommend her new book highly enough. All you have to do order the book through this special link (which also gives Artella a small commission): Then forward your amazon receipt to to claim your rewards. To preview the gifts, visit And don't forget - you must purchase the book Wednesday to get the goodies!

2. e-Artella #e-4 has splashed into the cosmos! The latest edition of e-Artella is now available! Here's what Gloria Page, author of Holy Moly Mackeroly: Reflections on the Business of Art and the Art of Life had to say about the issue:

Wow! e-Artella #e-4 goes beyond the beyond - yet once again! The art, the writing, layout, the whole package is a gift under the tree of your creative dreams. To all contributors: well done! To the Editor: many, many cheers!

(Note that the issue includes an exclusive interview with Gloria about her book, her art, her writing, and her advice for artists who are starting businesses of their own.)

The issue is only $4.95...that's right, hours of enlivening inspiration for less than a stop at Starbucks. To check out the Table of Contents for this 69-page issue, go to and click the cover of #e-4.

While you're there on that page, you can check out the latest print issues, too! Just click the cover of Artella 4 to view four page spreads from Artella 4. And be sure to order Artella 5, Winter Magic & Muse, for all the creative people on your list! The issue will be available later this month!

3. Change your life in 30 days! It sounds like a drastic claim but I think it's true! Now is the perfect time to enroll in the brand new Accounting Your Blessings e-course, which guides you through thirty days of ecstatic gratitude in a really fun way! I'm hearing wonderful stories from course participants like Helen Holden, who wrote,

"Marney, I can't begin to tell you how many things have shifted for me in just two weeks of the Accounting Your Blessings course. I've kept a Gratitude Journal on and off for about a year, but your process goes beyond that and has made my own perceptions about prosperity to rise to the next level. As a result, unbelievable miracles have been happening left and right. I have never felt more wealthy, and two highly unexpected new clients came my way yesterday to prove it. The work in the Accounting Ledger is the highlight of every day. I can't wait to see what happens next."

This course is just $12.00, and it has the potential to really change your Holiday season. Take a look at the course description at and see if it sounds like exactly what you'd be waiting for.

4. Is a subscription on your wish list? We like being "little birds" if you'd like an Artella subscription for the holidays, just send us an email with the email (or snail mail) address of the person to whom we can drop a hint. We'll send them a hint that you'd like to be gifted with a subscription, along with all the info they need to order.

If YOU would like to order an Artella subscription for someone as a holiday gift, just let us know when you place your order. We'll send the recipient a gift announcement befitting for the holidays!

5. Spread the word! If you tell ANYONE about Artella by forwarding this newsletter, or sending them to the Web site, you'll get an eBooklet called 101 Topics and Triggers for Explorations in Writing and Collage. After you tell your friends, just send an email to to receive the file.


1. IQ Zine has been around a while, and that's because it's the quintessential art zine. Eliza Badurina publishes five issues of IQ - which stands for "In(nner) Question" - a year, and if you just take a look at her back issues, I promise that you'll be intrigued. Take a visit, explore all of the IQ offerings, and Eliza that Artella sent you! :-)

Wishing you an abundance of sights unseen.

~in a quiet place,

Artella Editor

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