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Articulation 11-5-03
November 05, 2003
Hi ~


Thanks for being patient in receiving your Articulation this week! Things have been very busy here, getting Artella 4, Flight: word and art and wings unheard, all packed up and mailed out. I'm happy to say that two-thirds of the issues are en route, and the rest should be mailed out tomorrow. So I can literally say that "Flight" is "in flight"!

I'm really excited about this issue, more so than ever, and if you've ordered one, I hope that it is an experience you won't forget. And if you haven't ordered your copy, yet...can you really afford to go through another week without being massively inspired by Artella's wildness in your happy little hands??? :-) Seriously, I do hope you'll check it out. More info follows, below.

There has been some wonderful conversation tumbling about in the ArtellaVision discussion group lately! One of the topics has been about the importance of DOING it...whatever your "it" is. I think that we creative people tend to be very comfortable in our minds or imaginations and I know that for myself personally, there is a lot that I miss if I stay in the thinking and not in the doing. Along these lines, I offer this week's Articulation, But Now Am Found.

To view But Now Am Found, click here!

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Artella News!

1."Flight" is spreading its wings! It bears repeating - Artella 4 is out into the world and ready to inspire your Muse in countless ways. I extend huge appreciation to Deana, Bobby, Arthiss, and Eva for all their help in getting these issues ready to go. You can grab a copy of your own by visiting , or save $20.85 over the cost of individual issues by subscribing to Artella. If you're undecided, just take two minutes to scan through the raves about Artella, to get it straight from the mouths of inspired readers. Send an Artella to your very own mailbox so your Muse will quit bugging you about it!

2. Artella Shoppes soon to open! I don't want to give away too many details about this much-anticipated opening...but trust me, it'll be SOON, and it'll be AMAZING. That's enough said for now, because I've always been awful at keeping secrets...shhhhhh.


1. I was beyond elated to discover Soul Food Cafe, an unbelievable mecca for writers and other creative folks. I don't know when I've ever been so taken aback by seeing so much juicy, HELPFUL information on a single Web site. Take a look at the Navigation Signposts on the left side of the home page and then go where your intuition steers can't go wrong! One of my favorite sections was the material for journal keepers (which, I'll mention, includes prompts and tools that are equally effective for art journalers).

Wishing you moments of amazing grace...

~glad that life is not called "thought",

Artella Editor

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