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Articulation 11-24-03
November 24, 2003
Hi ~

In the United States, we're celebrating Thanksgiving Day this week. In honor of this occasion, I extend my very sincere thanks to each of you in the Artella community. It's a wonderful treat to sashay into your inboxes every week, and I am deeply grateful for the privilege.

This week's Articulation is titled, The Sound of Thanksgiving. I invite you to enjoy it and pass along the link to your friends and loved ones, along with a note expressing your thanks for their special roles in your life.
To view The Sound of Thanksgiving, click here!

If the above link doesn't work, simply cut and paste this URL in your browser:

Artella News!

1. The Second Annual Mystery Muse Project is here! The Mystery Muse Project is back for its second year! This project is similar to the tradition of "Secret Santas"....but with a creative twist! If you sign up, you'll receive the name and snail mail address of someone else who has signed up. You will then send at least three creative offerings to that person during the month of December. These offerings can be very, very simple and needn't cost any money. They can basically be anything, as long as you created it yourself, in one way or another. The idea is to bless someone with unexpected creative surprises in their mailbox during the upcoming season...and, of course, to be the recipient of such gifts, yourself.

To sign up, just send an e-mail with your name and postal mailing address to Deb at with "Mystery Muse" in the Subject line by this Friday, November 28. You'll receive the name and address of your recipient no later than December 1. (Please note: if you are willing to send your offerings to international players, please indicate so in your email.)

This project was a wonderful experience last year, and this year, there's even more abundance to go around. Please join us in this wonderful way to creatively celebrate the season!

2.THANKSGIVING FEAST going strong! There's still time before the Feast for all new and current subscribers expires on December 1. We've set up a sensational spread of FIVE awesome gifts that you'll receive when you subscribe. The gifts include:

* A subscribers-only teleworkshop called "Opening Presence: A PlayDate with Your Extraordinary Gifts"

* A brand new Artella workbook, created by artist Deb Silva and myself, called "Behind the Veil: Visual Prompts for Creative Writing"

* Two ready-to-go, splashy holiday greeting card designs that come ready for you to print and send

* "Embracing Your True Colors", a 20-page chapter from my eBook, "Awaken Your Interior Designer"

* A $5.00 gift certificate to the upcoming Shoppes of Artella (for use on a purchase of $20 or more)

Add that to our regular gifties that come with new subscriptions, and you'll dance away with six incredible free presents -- just for giving YOUR presence to Artella's family of subscribers.

For more information about the FREE Feast, click here!

Or hop directly to the subscribe page to dive in and make the magic start. You'll get your gifts instantly!

Check out what readers are saying about Artella, here!

3. Is a subscription on your wish list? We like being "little birds" if you'd like an Artella subscription for the holidays, just send us an email with the email (or snail mail) address of the person to whom we can drop a hint. We'll send them a hint that you'd like to be gifted with a subscription, along with all the info they need to order.

If YOU would like to order an Artella subscription for someone as a holiday gift, just let us know when you place your order. We'll send the recipient a gift announcement befitting for the holidays!

4. Make YOUR Thanksgiving Last 30 Days! In the spirit of this holiday season, I invite you to enroll in our latest e-course offering, Accounting Your Blessings: A 30-Day Course in Gratitude, Prosperity, and Abundance. This powerful course puts a creative twist on the practice of a "Gratitude Journal" and adds a whole new dimension to practicing a life full of abundance and prosperity. With the holidays approaching, there couldn't be a better time to cultivate gratitude and watch the miracles start happening!

This course guides you through a daily practice of "doing the books" -- only you'll be counting your blessings, instead of your pennies. In the spirit of days gone by, you'll use a special, old-fashioned accounting ledger to keep track of your prosperity "account"...and you'll see your balance grow and grow and grow as your life goes through some very powerful shifts.

This 30-day course is only $12 and promises to be a powerful catalyst for a whole new outlook on life. To read more, and sign up, visit, and click "Accounting Your Blessings" at the top of the page.

5. Artella Birthday Card Gallery! Don't forget to check out the winning cards from the Artella Birthday Card Contest at!!! 6. Spread the word! If you tell ANYONE about Artella by forwarding this newsletter, or sending them to the Web site, you'll get an eBooklet called 101 Topics and Triggers for Explorations in Writing and Collage. After you tell your friends, just send an email to to receive the file.


1. When I was introduced to Benevolent Planet, my heart felt so full of gratitude for the work that Karen Jones is doing. This Web site is devoted to encouraging all of us to take small, compassionate actions of service in our world, but Benevolent Planet makes it easy. From "The Daily Planet" (a weekly email newsletter containing five easy things that you can do to quickly and easily make a difference), to "The Monthly Mission" (a portion of the Web site focusing on a particular need and what you an do about it), to all of the ways that Benevolent Planet can support non-profit organizations, you will love what this site has to offer. Make a commitment to yourself to explore this wonderful convenient avenue for service this week!

Wishing you chimes of wonderful, thankful times.

~smiling at the horizon,

Artella Editor

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