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Articulation 11-18-03
November 18, 2003
Hi ~

It is pure joy to write to you this evening, because I have LOTS of news....juicy-good news!

But first, I'd like to wish a very happy birthday to my wonderful father, Lonnie Kliever! If I were to share all of the life lessons I've learned from him, I'd use up all the available bandwidth in cyber-space. But this week's Articulation, Grand Unemployment, sums up one of the important ones. I joyfully dedicate this week's offering to him, with all of my love.

To view Grand Unemployment, click here!

If the above link doesn't work, simply cut and paste this URL in your browser:

Artella News!

1.Get ready for a THANKSGIVING FEAST unlike no other! Thanks to the article in Somerset Studio, and all of the word-spreading that you are doing, Artella has had a wonderful growth spurt! Accordingly, we increased our print volume for issue 4 and I'm ready to get those issues off my shelves and into happy hands all over the world. So, in the spirit of the season, we've inaugurated a THANKSGIVING FREE-FEAST for all new and current subscribers.

We wanted to make it an absolute no-brainer for anyone who's been considering subscribing. So here's what we've done...we've set up a sensational spread of FIVE awesome gifts that you'll receive when you subscribe. Add that to our regular gifties that come with new subscriptions, and you'll dance away with six incredible free presents -- just for giving YOUR presence to Artella's family of subscribers.

You need to see the list of the Thanksgiving FREE-FEAST offerings to believe it, so please take a moment to check it out:

Or hop directly to the subscribe page to dive in and make the magic start. You'll get your gifts instantly! And within a week, you'll be reveling over Artella 4, just like new subscriber Terri Urban, who said,

"I wish I could describe to you the delight I felt when I got my first issue of Artella in the mail!!I flipped open the cover and found the little goodiesinside...I felt like a little girl squealingwith happiness. My kids even came running to seewhat the commotion was about! We all ohhhhhhedand ahhhhhhhed together. What fun the whole magazineis! Delight. Fun. Magic. There's been more than once I thanked the universe for giving us Marney and Artella...and that was BEFORE I held my first Artella issue!"

(Here, your friendly Editor takes a little pause, to blush a bit from Terri's kind words...but hey, you gotta admit...wouldn't it be nice to get an Artella subscription so that YOU create that kind of energetic commotion in YOUR house? LOL. Thanks, Terri!)

Read some more raves about Artella, here!

2. Is a subscription on your wish list? We like being "little birds" if you'd like an Artella subscription for the holidays, just send us an email with the email (or snail mail) address of the person to whom we can drop a hint. We'll send them a hint that you'd like to be gifted with a subscription, along with all the info they need to order.

If YOU would like to order an Artella subscription for someone as a holiday gift, just let us know when you place your order. We'll send the recipient a gift announcement befitting for the holidays!

3. Brand New e-Course! I'm thrilled to announce our latest e-course offering, Accounting Your Blessings: A 30-Day Course in Gratitude, Prosperity, and Abundance. This powerful course puts a creative twist on the practice of a "Gratitude Journal" and adds a whole new dimension to practicing a life full of abundance and prosperity. With the holidays approaching, there couldn't be a better time to cultivate gratitude and watch the miracles start happening!

This course guides you through a daily practice of "doing the books" -- only you'll be counting your blessings, instead of your pennies. In the spirit of days gone by, you'll use a special, old-fashioned accounting ledger to keep track of your prosperity "account"...and you'll see your balance grow and grow and grow as your life goes through some very powerful shifts.

This 30-day course is only $12 and promises to be a powerful catalyst for a whole new outlook on life. To read more, and sign up, visit, and click "Accounting Your Blessings" at the top of the page.

4. Artella Birthday Card Gallery! Last month, Artella celebrated its first birthday, and to celebrate, we held a Birthday Card Contest! The winners have been announced, and you can view their deliciously wondrous cards at the Artella Birthday Card Gallery! Each one of them will receive a gift package from us! Please, stop by and take a look at this wonderful eye-candy!

5. Missing mini-zine? If your copy of Artella 4 is missing the envelope with the little mini-zine on page 27, please let me know. It seems that a few copies may have slipped through the cracks of our very state-of-the-art, high-industry, fully-mechanized, massively-technical assembly machine (aka me and some good friends sitting around a big table). Seriously, let me know if you're missing the little envie, and I'll send it to you right away.

6. Spread the word! If you tell ANYONE about Artella by forwarding this newsletter, or sending them to the Web site, you'll get an eBooklet called 101 Topics and Triggers for Explorations in Writing and Collage. After you tell your friends, just send an email to to receive the file.


1. The Creative Art Space for Kids, located on Long Island, NY, currently is showing an exhibit on Art Journals, and lucky me...I get to go! You can take a virtual visit to see the gorgeous journals yourself by clicking this exhibit link. The samples are NOT to be missed. You won't be disappointed!

Wishing you the kinds of lessons that change EVERYTHING.

~peeking out over gilded books of the ages,

Artella Editor

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