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Articulation 11-11-03
November 11, 2003
Hi ~

Greetings to you on this chilly November night!

Okay...I KNOW that you are busy right now. I know that you have a million and one things to do. But consider this your personalized invitation to just stop everything, take a few deep breath, and think of something that makes you laugh. Go ahead, do it now.

When you're done, visit this week's Articulation, SunTouch.
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Artella News!

1."Flight" is all abuzz! As of last Thursday, all issues of Artella 4 were mailed out, so if you haven't gotten yours yet, say a prayer to the postal gods and keep checking your mailbox. I hope you enjoy the issue as much as Nancy Priff who wrote:

"Today, I received my issue of Artella and can sum up my reaction as "WOW!" This issue was definitely worth waiting for. I especially liked your mini zine within the zine and the story of the origami crane. Plus, there are so many lovely pages of art, poems, and surprises. Thanks so much for putting it all together."

Or Jolene Elliott, who graced us with feedback that reads like poetry:

"With candles lit and tea steaming I carefully remove ARTELLA Flight from the envelope that has carried it on its wings from coast to coast...My sense of sight is aroused to extremes gazing at the cover art...I feel like seven again--it's Christmas morning and I can't wait to see what is in the 'beautiful package' before me...The little ephemera envelope catches my eye, I see it's filled with treasures...but I keep it for later, wanting to read the words and experience the art of all the kindred spirits inside. I turn quickly to the "philosophical riff" and I am swept away when he writes...'art is flight'...I smile to myself as I take in the of imagination, flights of intellect...I then spend time with EACH PAGE, like I would a dear friend--appreciating the heart and soul that has gone into each creation...and I marvel, sigh, laugh out loud, and become inspired...THANK YOU for taking me on a flight without having to leave the comfort of my room."

If YOU want to go on a flight without leaving the comfort of your room, you can order Artella 4 at , or save $20.85 over the cost of individual issues by subscribing to Artella. If you're undecided, just take two minutes to scan through the raves about Artella, to hear what happy readers have had to say.

2. Artella Shoppes soon to open! If you only KNEW what was happening behind closed Internet doors. You won't even believe the stuff that we'll be selling...and soon. So don't do your Holiday shopping, yet...EVERYTHING a creative soul could imagine will be right here at Artella. Stay tuned!

3. Thank you to 85 people and 85 goals! This weeks wraps up the 5th 30-day session of the Artella e-course , Goalar Energy: A Unique Guidance Program for Extraordinary Action. I'd like to thank every single GE participant for a wonderfully inspiring experience. I will always hold your goals in my heart, and I love continuing to hear about the amazing progress you are making! When I created Goalar Energy, my intention was to write a comprehensive course of material that I still needed to learn, myself. I feel such gratitude that through this course, I had the opportunity to share my own life's lessons -- many still in progress -- with so many people.

I will not be offering Goalar Energy again until the new year...but if you're curious, you can sign up for a 4-day trial of the course to get your juices flowing (folks have told me that the trial, by itself, helped them make significant changes in their lives!) You can sign up for the trial, and read some Goalar Energy success stories, at,


1. Janet Ghio is a member of the ArtellaVision group, and has inspired all of us with her gorgeous art quilts. I just know that you will be endlessly moved by her provocative and highly-narrative work, found on her Web site, Her site is wonderfully really feel like you can just reach out and touch the fabric. Enjoy!

2. Lazar Studiowerx is a Canadian-based company that offers a fascinating selection of elegant, artistic products. In addition to having a spectacular product catalog, their Altered Books Gallery is NOT to be missed. (While you're there, click "Archived Artwork" for more great art.) It's a wonderfully impressive site and I know you will enjoy it!

Sending you a conversation that suddenly makes everything clear.

~combing gold glitter out of my hair,

Artella Editor

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