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Artella's Birthday Party! (Articulation 10/20)
October 20, 2003
Hi ~

Welcome to Artella's Birthday Party!

Yes, today Artella is one year old! Even though the first printed issue didn't make it's appearance until several months later, it was on this very day one year ago that Artella's Web site made its debut.

Well, Artella has grown LOTS this year (and wobbled and toppled plenty of times along the way!), and I thank all of you for being here along the journey!

I'd like to especially thank all of the individuals who have contributed art and writing to issues of Artella and e-Artella. Working with your words and art is the most rewarding thing that I get to do, and so I honor you, here: Barbara Abramson, Joel Abramson, Jaime Adcock, Pamela Allen, Jill Althouse-Wood, Jill Amstutz, Diane Armstrong, T. J. Banks, Dana Barbieri, Kim Barr, Fiona Blackwolf, Deb Brown, Beth Burke, Karen Caterson, Christine Cesarz, Melissa Chapin, Mary Estelle Chay, Chardi Christian, Adrienne Cinelli, Louis Colfax, Allison Cripe, Melissa Daimler, Deana David, Helen David, Andrea de Lange, Jerry Dreeson, Tiffany Drucker, Jenny Dryw, Jolene Elliott, Gail Ellspermann, Mary Estelle, Suzanne Falter-Burns, Catherine Farrell, Allie Fisher, Ann Fisher, Freesia, Karyn Gartel, Sally Ann Giedrys, Molly Gordon, Dan Gremminger, Gray Gust, Miguel A. Gutierrez, Richard Hammer, Bradley Harding, Ellen Harper, Karen Hatzigeorgiou, Claudine Hellmuth, William Hintze, Adrienne Holderby, Mary Holdgrafter, Frances Norton Honich, Terry Jordan, Arthiss Kliever, Launa Kliever, Lonnie D. Kliever, Robin Hintze Kreutzberg, Ruth Laughman, David Linnig, Jennifer Louden, Marta Luzim, Anne Marchand, Suzanne McLeod, Barbara Hintze Miller, Catherine Modica, Suzanne Vadnais Monson, Emelisa Mudle, Lori Musser, Shari Nadler, Kathy Nothe, Marilyn Olin, Gloria Page, Loretta Peters, Suzana Rajaratnam, Amy Rosenberg, Phyllis Ross, Sande Salowey, Sudha Sauri, Savita, Deb Silva, Lyse Stormant, Sudha Suri, Wendy Thomas, Tykal, Alain Valet, Violette, and Christina Winsey-Rudd.

You know...if I were winning an Oscar, I'd never get to say that many names! Making magazines beats being a movie star any day! :-)

At any rate, I'm extremely grateful for the wonderful people I've met this past year, who have graced the Artella community in such amazing, inspiring ways. This week's Articulation is short and simple (those of you who have been around for a while know that every now and then, I like to play with crayons). It's called Candlesight.
To view Candlesight, click here!

If the above link doesn't work, simply cut and paste this URL in your browser:


Instead of the regular "Artella News" and "Artful Links" features, this week's Articulation announces three special ways that you can celebrate Artella's birthday.

1. Use your 5 BirthdayBucks! For one day only (until Tuesday, October 21, at 11:59pm Eastern), you can take $5.00 off any one of the following items: an Artella subscription, any printed issue, or the Writes and Passages e-course. To go to the Birthday Party to use your 5 BirthdayBucks, simply visit This offer is only being offered to Articulation readers (it's not being advertised on the Web site) and it ends tomorrow night at midnight. Enjoy your bucks!

I will also note that there are only NINE more copies of issue 2 available...and then they are gone! So if you have had your eye on that issue (symbol & story, myths & archetypes), this is truly your last chance to get it.

2. Send Artella a birthday card and win prizes! For no other reason than to have some fun giving stuff away, we're having an Artella Birthday Card Contest! To enter, make a birthday card for Artella and mail it by October 31 to: Artella, PO Box 78, Johnson, NY, 10933.

Three impartial judges will award grand prize packages in each of three areas: "Originality", "Artistic Design", and "Excellence Combining Words and Art". Each package will contain unbelievably awesome goodies for your Muse! So make sure to send your card by October 31! We'll announce the winners (and show their cards on our site) in early November!

3. Join in our new Collage Sheet Swap! What's the best way to capitalize on really inspiring year-old creative community? Share resources! I invite you to participate in a 5 for 5 collage sheet swap that Artella is hosting, which is being organized by my mother (and Artella contributor), Arthiss Kliever.

She just participated in a similar swap, and found that it is a very easy way to amass a wonderfully varied group of images for use in collage and other paper arts.

To make a collage sheet for this swap, just gather some of your favorite images, old photographs, vintage postcards, unusual receipts, and other paper ephemera and find a color copier (Kinko's, Office Max, etc.). Put as many pieces of ephermea on the copier as you can fit on an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper, and hit the button. That's all there is to it!

This swap is open to all who would like to participate, provided you sign up by October 31. The submissions must reach Arthiss by November 25, since she will be doing the sorting on Thanksgiving weekend. She plans to mail your swaps on or before December 1st.

Rules and Guidelines:
1. All submissions must be on 8.5 x 11 sheets of paper. Please do not send individual pieces of ephemera.

2. All sheets must be in color. However, you may include B&W images.

3. Please use the space on the sheets wisely -- in other words, put as many pieces of ephemera on one sheet as you can.

4. Submit 5 sheets for 5 different sheets in return. You may submit more, as long as the total is a multiple of 5.

5. All 5 sheets you submit may be the same, if you would like. If you send in more than 5, please submit different sheets, with no more than 5 duplicates of each one.

6. Return postage must be included with your submissions. Arthiss will provide envelopes. International players are welcome, if you can help Arthiss figure out a way to work the postage.

For questions about this swap, or to sign up, send an email to Arthiss at Remember that you have to sign up by October 31 to participate!

So...thanks for hanging out with us on our birthday. We'll be back to the regular Articulation format next week. And don't can see all the archives of Articulation art offerings at

Wishing you open-eyed wishes...

~loving the icing on the cake,

Artella Editor

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