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Articulation 1-13-04
January 13, 2004
Hi ~

Yes, we're back on our regular Tuesday-ish schedule for sending out Articulation. I sure missed you during the holidays...

In the Christian tradition, The Feast of Epiphany was celebrated last week. But this week, largely triggered by a battle with the common cold and the busy-ness of getting Artella 5 out, I've had some epiphanies of my own. Nothing earth-shattering, mind you, but I've shared a few in this Articulation, Small Epiphanies, in case they might strike a humble resonance with you.

To view Small Epiphanies, click here!

If the above link doesn't work, simply cut and paste this URL in your browser:

Also, for a bit more on the subject of epiphanies, I invite you to listen to one of the audio recordings that were part of our Holiday Story Days" audio series of Holiday stories. This particular story is a sharing by my dear friend and frequent Artella contributor, Terry Jordan, and it's called "The 12 Days of Christmas: A Conversation Between a Mom and an Angel Named Emily". Terry shares a lovely story that inspires us to look at the season of Epiphany in a new way.

Please note that the Story Days page will retire on January 15, so be sure to listen to Terry's story -- and any others -- before then!

Artella News!

1. Artella 5 is en route! We sent out a third of them of them yesterday, will send another 3rd today, and the last batch will go out tomorrow. So, depending on where you live, you should receive your issue sometime this week! Thanks for your patience...and I hope this issue brings a bit of magic to your days. To order your copy of Artella 5, click here!

2. NEW "Write On!" Subscription Offer!! This offer was prompted by two things: first, I've been hearing from a lot of people who have made New Year's resolutions to make writing a bigger part of their lives this year. And second, with the mailing for Artella 5 almost complete, I'm itching to get the rest of the copies off the shelves!

So...I've created a short-term offer for new subscribers, called the "Write On!" Subscription Offer. Here's the deal: if you subscribe to Artella by midnight on Friday night, January 16, you can enroll in our 30-day Writes and Passages e-course for FREE! (Regularly priced at $29.99).

This 30-day course is designed to guide you through forming a daily writing habit by helping you take risks, experiment with different styles, plug into your writing voice deep inside, and experience the joy that comes with developing a daily relationship between your imagination and the page.

Add that to a new subscription to Artella, which will inspire your writing to dive into new depths of visual imagery and intensity, and you'll be overwhelmed with inspiration for months to come!

For more information about the "Write On!" Subscription Offer, which expires at midnight on this Friday, visit

Isn't it time to reignite your creative voice for 2004?

3. Deadlines approaching for upcoming courses and workshops There are lots of new offerings on the Workshops page ! To summarize:

  • A new session of Goalar Energy 2004 starts THIS MONDAY, January 19, just in time to help you make your New Year's resolutions come true! I've added some new features to continue to expand this popular course, including making ALL lessons available in audio format, as well as in text! To hear a recording of a sample lesson, visit and click the Play button that's at the beginning of the Goalar Energy section. There's also still time to sign up for the complimentary 4-day trial, to test out the course!

  • There's a new free teleworkshop scheduled for February, WordJazz Poetry!

  • There's a brand new e-course that begins February 23 called Creating Your Own YOUniversity. This 16-week course provides you with EVERYTHING you need to know to develop, write, facilitate, and market your own teleworkshops, e-courses, and eBooks. Enroll by February 15 and save $100.00 (that's not a typo!) The course is limited to 14 participants and the spaces are already filling up, so be sure to sign up soon. All the info is at

  • Don't forget that registration is ongoing for the e-courses, Accounting Your Blessings and Writes and Passages - both courses can really make a difference in your new year!

4. Welcome, Deb! I'm thrilled to announce that I've officially hired Deb Silva as Artella's Administrative Assistant. Deb has been working for months on a volunteer and bartering basis, and so it's wonderful to welcome her to a paid position! If you haven't connected with Deb yet on your Artella travels (or even if you have!), you can get to know her by visiting her page in the Shoppes of Artella, joining the ArtellaVision message board, or enjoying her various artworks in Artella 5! Thank you, Deb, for everything...I'm so glad you are here!

Artful Links

1. Thanks to Hazel Kahan, I found Book Crossing, a project that offers a lovely mixof serendipity, generosity and playfulness. Even if you don't want to participate in this wild exchange of books, it's still worth a visit to this invigorating site.

2. For all you Moms and Dads out there, Magical is an well-spring of fabulous creative things to do with kids. I, myself, don't have children, but I still spent an hour on the site because I found it a sparkling haven for creative ideas and inspiration. Thank you to Lyse for this link!

Wishing you the instincts to know what is yours, and what is not...

~growing like petals,

Artella Editor

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